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Tatra – a forgotten influence on motoring
Tatra - a forgotten influence on motoring

Which car features a rear mounted air cooled engine with overhead camshafts and a dry sump, in a chassis featuring rear swing axles and bodywork with an exceptionally low drag coefficient? The obvious answer to this question would wear a Porsche badge, but as early as 1933 there was a car available that combined these […]

Small cars – Simple pleasures
Small cars - Simple pleasures

As nice as it is to have all the modern comforts in a car, sometimes the sheer number of features found in so many new cars does seem to be overkill. Although this kind of technology is very impressive in the showroom, in the real world, when longevity and ease of use become more important […]

Peter Schreyer & Kia – Proving the power of design
Peter Schreyer & Kia - Proving the power of design

I’m often asked to recommend carsĀ to people who aren’t particularly knowledgeable about them andĀ almost every time I bring up Kia they turn up their noses. This is usually around the time I wonder why they bothered asking my advice at all, because Kias these days aren’t what they used to be. Another time: The Kia […]

Celebrating the Volkswagen Up!
Celebrating the Volkswagen Up!

I am often asked what my favourite new car design is. My response that it is the base model Volkswagen often raises eyebrows, but there are plenty of reasons why the Volkswagen Up! is one of my favourite new cars. In an age where car design is often not much more than simply styling, the […]