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Meet the world’s most intrepid Renault Twingo
Meet the world's most intrepid Renault Twingo

The Twingo I was a very successful car for Renault, offering a popular combination of usefulness, affordability, and above all, character, which ensured it enjoyed a long and successful production run. Indeed with almost 2.5 million made in Europe over a 14 year period, alongside additional sales and production in South America, they are still […]

Capri – The beginning of the end for Ford Australia?
Capri - The beginning of the end for Ford Australia?

Much has been made recently of the seeming demise of Australian volume car manufacturing, with Ford and Holden leaving and a Toyota decision due in a few months. While many column inches have been devoted┬áto the current product being offered by these companies, it’s also interesting to look back at some of the missteps which […]